Hong Kong Sightseeing Tram

Sightseeing tram is a brand new service which Hong Kong tramways launched in January 2016. The aim was to provide a unique sightseeing experience to tourists providing a living evolving connection between Hong Kong’s colorful history and modern culture.

The design of the sightseeing tram went through extensive research from the Hong Kong Tramways archive. The exterior of the tram is inspired from a 2nd generation tram originally designed in the 1920s, featuring an open air upper desk as well as freestanding front signage box.

The interior floor, walls and exposed ceiling beams all have wooden finish keeping the old tram look and feel and providing a warm atmosphere to travelers. A feature wall displays a series of bronze plates which are laser cut with pervious tram model drawings. Other walls are decorated with pictures of old Hong Kong and trams, enhancing the travel experience between old and new Hong Kong Journey.



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Hong Kong


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