Drake International

Drake International is a global recruitment agency provides professional recruitment and contract services for leading companies in the world. The Drake Hong Kong team appointed Spatial Concept to Design & Build their new office, creating a workplace which brings energy, inspiration and staff engagement.

Apart from the 2 interview/meeting rooms, the entire office is in an open plan. Spatial Concept creates multifunctional lounge area for team collaboration & causal interviews. The lounge is equipped with wireless Audio and Video for team presentation and town hall use. Next to the lounge is the open pantry, the long table embedded the ‘beer pong’ game as part of the fun element, the table doubles up as the hot desk for overseas visitors.

Spatial Concept introduced a standing height workbench for all staff, the bench pairs with a high chair to encourage ergonomic comfort as well as same eye level communication.

The lounge area carries an industrial feel with concrete floor and open ceiling, which create a cozy and relax environment while remains the professional image of the company in the open office and meeting rooms.



Interior Design

Hong Kong

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