The brief called for a unified working environment reflecting ‘One Brand’, a next-generation workplace experience focuses on Unify, Optimise, Modernise, and “Well-nise.” Our goal is to elevate Aon’s corporate image through a unique experience to their client and staff in a people-centric agile workplace.

We utilised the base building core space to present the ‘heart of Aon’ concept – using Aon’s red colour overlapping with city images, creating a strong design element showcasing their roots in Hong Kong and displays the city life.

Our idea is to bring the exterior nature into the interior; the client area transformed as the ‘Living Lounge,’ a welcoming space with elements of warmth and hospitality through natural materials and lighting. The biophilic design continues across the floors, which promotes health and wellbeing. A variety of work-points and breakout areas provide freedom of choice based upon their tasks and moods while enhancing collaboration and productivity.



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